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Galt Joint Union High School District is dedicated to enriching lives and building a caring and collaborative learning community by providing Adult Learners with quality educational opportunities and support services.

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Message from School Psychologist

Hello Parents,


I hope you are all well and managing our current situation as smoothly as can be expected.  With COVID-19 impacting our everyday activities, it is important that we take stock in our own social emotional well-being during these uncertain times and be aware of how our children are feeling and adjusting.  With that, your children may be consuming an excess of information regarding COVID-19, both facts and myths. They may struggle with the information overload and unknowingly be bringing upon a lot of stress and worry.  As Parents, you are a voice of assurance; it is appropriate to discuss what is happening in our world right now, to alleviate their concerns with factual information.  Together, we can ease their minds that social distancing will slow the spread, that continuous hygienic practices like washing our hands regularly with soap, and not touching our eyes, nose, mouth, will strengthen our ability to stay healthy.  Also, to be cognizant of potential symptoms such as fever, dry cough, and shortness of breath.


Offer support including the recommendations above, but also by reassuring them that what they are feeling is normal and that steps are being taken to bring us all back to normalcy.  If your children are expressing feelings of loneliness due to not being able to hang out with friends or attend school on campus, remind them of the reason why we are all participating in social distancing at this time. Encourage them to participate in preferred activities (while abiding by social distancing guidelines), remain connected with friends through technology and social media, and to rest and practice self-care. Ease any concerns about their academics by explaining to them that across the nation, all students are likely struggling with this new way of schooling, and that the only thing the district is asking of them is to try their best and be patient with teachers and parents as we also try and navigate this.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to school staff.  As a community, we are pulling together to get through these trying times.


Below are some helpful articles for your reference and for your children to review to help better understand what is happening.


Quoc Le

School Psychologist, GJUHSD