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Liberty Ranch High School
Galt Joint Union High School District is dedicated to enriching lives and building a caring and collaborative learning community by providing Adult Learners with quality educational opportunities and support services.

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Scholarship Information


LOCAL SCHOLARSHIPS!!!!!!  PLEASE APPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



As of May 3, 2017

Jack and Jill of America, Inc: Essay max 3 pages: leadership, extracurricular activities, intended major, future goals. Deadline: May 20, 2017.  Mail in or email to Dr. Carla Galbraith.  See Dr. Chavez for application or Mrs. Siegalkoff (GHS Library) or outside Dr. Chavez’ door (LRHS)

As of May 2, 2017

Pepsi Co Caesar Chavez Latino Scholarship Fund: 10-$5000 scholarships will be awarded for leadership, academic success, and participation in extracurricular activities.  Application can be accessed and downloaded at:

Must be postmarked by May 31, 2017.

As of April 21, 2017

Galt Sunrise Rotary Club: $500 award.  One award to LRHS and one to GHS.  GPA minimum is 3.0. Requires an essay and SAT/ACT scores for those who are 4-yr college bound.  DUE May 5 at 8 am to Dr. Chavez, no exceptions.  See Dr. Chavez for application.  If she is not available, applications will be available in the Library at LRHS and with Mrs. Siegalkoff at GHS.

Galt Alumni Scholarship: For GHS students only.  Award: $500-$1000. Must have a gpa of high standing (not specified). Complete the application and essay prompt.  See Dr. Chavez, your counselor, or Mrs. Siegalkoff in the Library for application. DUE May 5 at 8 am to Dr. Chavez—no exceptions to deadline.

As of Mar 28, 2017

Elk Grove Rebekah Lodge 136 Scholarship: Award: $250.  Must provide gpa and SAT/ACT test scores, volunteer work, special awards.  Must be planning to attend college or trade school. See Dr. Chavez for application.  Mail in by April 10 to address provided on application.

Sacramento News & Review’s College Essay Contest: Award: $2000 1st place, $1000 2nd place, $500 3rd place. Write an essay with a max. of 650 words. Flyer doesn’t give details on topic. Contact Rebecca Huval at Due via email by April 21, 5pm. Email your essay to:

As of Mar 27, 2017

Liberty Ranch Athletic Boosters Scholarship: (For LRHS only) Award: $1000.  Minimum 2.5 gpa, parent/legal guardian must be a member of Athletic Boosters, student must have participated in a CIF athletic program as an athlete in his/her senior year.  See Dr. Chavez for further details and application.  Applications due: April 21 to Mrs. Williams, Rm 108.

As of Mar 24, 2017

St. Luke’s Scholarship: For students interested in pursuing a degree in the medical/health field.  2-$500 scholarships: one to GHS, one to LRHS.  For more information, see Dr. Chavez. Applications due April 17 to Dr. Chavez.

Galt Youth Commission: John Moran Scholarship: Focus is on community service. One scholarship to GHS, one to LRHS.  Award: $500. Must be received by Apr. 24 at the City Clerk’s Office, 380 Civic Drive, Galt, CA.  See Dr. Chavez for application.

As of Mar 23, 2017

EGC Women in Law Scholarship: For females interested in pursuing a career in law.  Based on merit, need, and commitment to helping others. Minimum 3.0 gpa. Award: $1500. Must apply online: (go to “About”, then “EGC Gives”, then scroll to the bottom). Due June 30, 2017

As of Mar 20, 2017

Chamber of Commerce, Galt District: 2 scholarships valued at $1500 each, one for Galt HS and the other for Liberty Ranch. Criteria: gpa, community service, personal interview, and 500-word essay.  See Dr. Chavez for application.  Due to Dr. Chavez April 5 by 3:00 pm. No exceptions.

Steve and Annah Ellinwood Community Scholarship: 500-word essay, gpa minimum 2.5, list of achievements and activities, must submit transcripts and 1 letter of recommendation.  You are responsible for mailing in your materials which must be received by April 7. Please mail in a timely fashion.

As of Mar 6, 2017

Galt Lions Community Service Scholarship: 1-3 scholarships per school: Liberty Ranch, Galt, and Estrellita.  Focus is on community service and essay, not gpa.  See Dr. Chavez for application.  Due to Dr. Chavez by April 15.

Balanced Man Scholarship: For males attending Sac State.  This is offered by The California Theta Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon.  Award is up to $1000 for males who strive to achieve excellence in both academics and athletics.  Min. 3.0 gpa.  Need application and transcript. Application:

Transcripts and application must be submitted via email to :  Due June 30, 2017.


As of Feb 28, 2017

Lodi District Grape Growers Association: due Mar 31, 2017 See Dr. Chavez for the following applications:

Jim Kissler Memorial Scholarship: For students pursuing a career in Agriculture (viticulture, enology, agribusiness, ag engineering, ag education). Awards $1000-3000.

Michael David Family Foundation Scholarship: For those pursuing an Agriculture major OR have a relationship with farming operation in Crush District 11.  Awards $1000-3000  

Susie Gaines-Mitchell African American Scholarship:  Open to all students with a minimum gpa of 2.5. Award: $1000. Criteria: Sac County resident, entering 2 or 4 yr college/univ/technical/or trade school. 2.5 gpa.  Must be received by April 14, 2107.  See Dr. Chavez for application.

As of Feb 23, 2017

Ian Petersen Memorial Scholarship: Open to all students attending military or trade school. Award $500 each to a student from Galt High School, Liberty Ranch and Estrellita. No gpa minimum.  500-word essay required to address prompt:   What are your plans for the future and what are the steps you will take to achieve your goals? Due to Dr. Chavez April 1, 2017. 

Galt FC Soccer Club: Award: $150-$250 for a male or female soccer player from either Liberty Ranch HS or Galt High School.  3.0 gpa, community service, and displays integrity and good character on and off the field.  See Dr. Chavez for application and details.  Due April 1, 2017.

As of Feb 21, 2017

Eric Leeworthy Memorial Scholarship: Award: $750 to 4 students: 2 from Galt HS and 2 from Liberty Ranch. 3.0 gpa and have lettered in a varsity sport.  See Dr. Chavez for application.  Completed applications due to Dr. Chavez April 1, 2017.

Sacramento County Office of Education/SAFE Credit Union: Award: $500. Write an essay on: “Why You Cannot be a Passive Patriot” Must be received by April 21, 2017.  Must be mailed or hand-delivered.  No online submission.  See Dr. Chavez for details.

California Air Force Association: For students pursuing a 4 year degree. Due Mar 24, 2017.

Friends of the California State Fair: Award: $1000-$2500. 15 scholarships for majors such as Agriculture, Business, Viticulture/Enology, Teacher Education, Culinary.  See for more detals.  Due Mar 2, 2017

As of Feb 17, 2017

California Transportation Foundation: Students intending to pursue a career in transportation.   Award ranges from $1000-$2500.  See website for more info.   

As of Feb 16, 2017

Sac State Alumni Association Scholarship: Award: $1000-$2000. 3.7 gpa. Due: Mar 1.


As of Feb 14, 2017

Senior Club: Minimum of $500 awarded to one student from Galt High and one from Liberty Ranch.  Write an essay about your accomplishments, community service and future goals and how this scholarship can help you achieve your dreams.  Type your essay, double spaced, no smaller than 12 font, 2 pages maximum.  DUE April 1 to Dr. Chavez (the sooner the better)

Valley Oaks Grange Hall: $500 awarded to one student from Galt High and one from Liberty Ranch. 2.0 gpa.  Selection based on achievement, citizenship, and essay.  See Dr. Chavez for application.  Completed applications due to Dr. Chavez by March 15.

Strong As Steel: Awarded to 2 students attending Liberty Ranch. $1000 award each.  3.0 gpa, excellent behavior, good attendance, essay.  See Dr. Chavez for flyer.  Due April 3 to Dr. Chavez.

PG&E STEM Scholarship: $5000 renewable for 4 years for students pursuing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) majors.  Due Mar 31. Must enroll at one of the partner universities.  See website for more information.

Cal Trans Scholarships:

Arun Sudhakar Scholarship: 1-$1000 for a son or daughter of a Cal Trans employee intending to pursue Engineering, Architecture, or Urban Studies.

James E. Robert Scholarship: 2-$1500 scholarships for students pursuing Civil Engineering





Sacramento Chapter






  • Autobiographical essay. Minimum of two double-spaced typed pages, or no more than three hand-written pages, on regular 8½ x 11 paper.


The essay must include these eight components:

  • Include your name at the top of each page
  • Reason for requesting this award
  • Intended field of study
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Awards received
  • Work and/or community service
  • Concerns and/or circumstances
  • Future goals


  • Two letters of recommendation
  • A letter of recommendation from school personnel supporting your reasons applying for the scholarship award.
  • A personal letter of recommendation from your Pastor, teacher, coach, volunteer supervisor, etc.


  • Recent photograph (2 x 2 or larger) with name identification on the back.


  • Official high school transcript, with school seal and stamp.



Please mail or email to:


Dr. Carla Galbraith

7530 Circle Parkway

Sacramento, CA 95823





Applying for this scholarship gives consent for your image and essay to be used at Jack & Jill Sacramento Chapter events for educational purposes. Personal information will be kept confidential.